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Welcome to our Norfolk Roots Living Shop!

The shop front of Norfolk Roots Living

For over a decade and a half, we have proudly called Fakenham our home, bearing witness to the ebb and flow of its town centre’s evolution. Regrettably, recent times have seen the closure of several cherished local businesses, casting a shadow upon the spirits of our beloved community.

Returning to our spacious and prominent premises presented us with a golden opportunity to give back to Fakenham and its community.

Norfolk Roots Living stands not just as a beacon of aesthetic delight for the town, but also as a treasure trove of exquisite items perfect for adorning your home or gifting a special someone.

Our mission revolves around proudly showcasing a multitude of locally crafted items, symbolising our commitment to supporting the talented artisans.

From the renowned allure of Norfolk Natural Living to the timeless charm of Grand Illusions and enchanting Archivist matches, our shelves brim with treasures waiting to find their way into your hearts and homes.

Moreover, the embrace of locally made ceramics, thriving plants, and naturally opulent soft furnishings further underscores our dedication to celebrating the inherent beauty of our region.

In kindling this venture, we want to help reignite the lively hum of shopping and camaraderie within Fakenham's town centre.

We hope that our bold stride will inspire a resurgence, encouraging fellow businesses to breathe life into the vacant storefronts that once pulsated with the vibrant energy of this North Norfolk market town.